Table 4

Examples of toys with food brand logos in the US

Play-Doh (Hasbro)

• Play-Doh Little Debbie snack Cake Kitchen

Kit includes Play-Doh, an oven/cookie table, mold trays to make five kinds of snack cakes, creme/chocolate extruder.

• Play-Doh Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Playset

Kit includes mold to make pretend Chuck E. Cheese pizzas.

• Play-Doh Lunchables Playset

• Play-Doh McDonaldland Happy Meal Playshop

Makes a pretend Happy Meal with hamburger, fires, shake and toys. Comes with Happy Meal box.

Barbie Dolls (Mattel)

• Jello Barbie

Barbie wears a t-shirt with "Jello" written on it. Set comes with Jello and mold for making Barbie's pink Jello.

• McDonald's Barbie

Barbie is dressed in a McDonald's clerk outfit. She has a tray of French fries, hamburger, soft drinks. Comes with Barbie's little sister Kelly who has a Happy Meal.

• Little Debbi Barbie

Barbie is dressed to go shopping. In her Little Debbie shopping bag are authentic miniature boxes of Little Debbie snack cakes.

• Coca-Cola Majorette Barbie

McDonald's Play Sets (Creative Design)

• McDonald's Food Cart with Play Food

Features a cart and drive-through window with a play cash register, grill, deep fryier, and McFlurry machine. 30 food accessories including burgers, fries, Chicken McNuggets, pies, soft drinks.

• McDonald's Deluxe Mealtime Set

• McDonald's Fast Food Center

Easy-Bake Sets (Hasbro)

• Easy-Bake Chips Ahoy Cake Bake Set

• Easy-Bake Oreo cakes Bake Set

• Easy-Bake Pop Tarts Snack

• Easy-Bake Pizza Hut Menu

• Easy-Bake M&M's Cookies Bake Set

• Easy-Bake Kellogg's Tony the Tiger Cakes Mini Bake Set

Fisher-Price Oreo Matchin' Middles Game (Fisher Price)

A matching game for young children to learn shapes with plastic real looking oreo cookies that pull apart to reveal shapes.

Teddy Grahams Game (Mattel)

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