Table 2

Outline of the moderator’s questioning route
Question category Question
Opening questions Please introduce yourself and describe what you ate for dinner the previous evening.
Introductory questions What does a healthy diet mean for an adult?
How do you know how much food you should eat?
Key questions in regard to consumer understanding of food portions What does the term portion size mean to you?
Do you ever attempt to control food portion sizes, and if so, how and why is this done?
Key questions in regard to consumer awareness and use of portion size guidance Where do you find information/guidance on food portion size?
What is the nature of the advice and how helpful is it? What is your overall impression of the Food Pyramid used in Ireland and the UK ‘Eatwell Plate’?
Do you want further information about food portions, and if so, who from and in what format?
Key questions in regard to food purchase Does food packaging/price influence how much you eat?
Key questions in regard to the selection of portion size prior to consumption When preparing food, how do you determine the right proportion of food for yourself? (e.g. measuring).
Are different quantities of food served to different household members?
Does the amount served at one mealtime depend on other foods eaten throughout the day?
Key questions in regard to portion size decisions during consumption Once a meal has been served, what factors influence how much you consume?
Are second servings often consumed, and if so, why? Who serves them?
Key questions in regard to the eating environment Does eating at different places or even with different people influence the amount you eat? If so, how?
Do any other places or times influence the amount you eat?
Ending questions Can you think of any other instances, whereby, your portion size would change?
What factors influenced how much you ate last night?

Spence et al.

Spence et al. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 2013 10:92   doi:10.1186/1479-5868-10-92

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