Table 10

Summary of Correlates of "Healthy" Dietary Consumption among Children and Adolescents

Determinant Variable

Association (Reference no.)

No association (Reference no.)

Attitude towards health

Pos assoc: C:[41], A:[71]girls, B:[81]8th grade,

B:[81]11thgrade, B:[55]girls, B:[55]total,

D:[73]1st 3rdgrade, D:[73]4th 6thgrade

C:[108], G:[108], N:[108], L:[108], A:[71]boys, B:[55]boys


Pos assoc: A:[71]boys, A:[71]girls, O:[72], Q:[72]

C:[72], R:[72], BB:[72], N:[72]


Pos assoc: B:[55]total, B:[55]girls


Body Satisfaction

A:[71]boys, A:[71]girls,

Caring about Nutrition Behavior

Pos assoc: D:[73]1st 3rd grade, D:[73]4th 6th grade,

Conformity to Parents

Pos assoc: B:[49]boys

B: [49]girls

Eating Concerns

Pos assoc: B:[81]8th grade

B:[81]11th grade


Pos assoc: C:[108]to consume high fat milk,

G:[108]to consume high fat milk

H:[107]to eat breakfast

I:[107]to eat breakfast

N:[108]to consume high fat milk

L: [108]to consume high fat milk,

B: [55]to eat healthy, B: [55]to eat healthy girls,

B: [55]to eat healthy boys


Pos assoc: B:[81]8thgrade, B:[81]11thgrade, K: [97], C:[97],

D:[73]1st 3rdgrade, D:[73]4th 6thgrade

A:[66], A:[72], N:[97], L:[97], I:[97], O:[97], C:[41]general knowledge, C:[41]specific knowledge


Pos assoc: O:[72], N:[97], L:[97], K:[97], I:[97], O:[97], C:[97]

C:[72], Q:[72], N:[72], R:[72], BB:[72]


Pos assoc: A:[72]father, K:[97]parents, L:[97]parents,

N:[97]parents, I:[97]parents, L:[97]parents,

N:[97]parents, O:[97]parents, C:[97]peers,


Neg assoc: A:[72]siblings

A:[72]mother, A:[72]friends, K:[97]peers, I:[97]peers, O:[97]peers

Modeling (Reported by Other)

Pos assoc: W: [101]parents girls

W: [101]parents boys


Pos assoc: B:[55]total, B:[55]girls, B:[55]boys

C:[91]milk norms, I:[91]milk norms

C:[108], G:[108], N:[108], L:[108], K:[91]milk norms

Parental Presence at Meals

A:[71]boys, A:[71]girls

Perceived Behavioral Control

Pos assoc: I:[107]

C:[108], G:[108], H:[107], L:[108], N:[108]

Perceived Difficulty

Neg assoc: C:[108], G:[108]

L:[108], N:[108]


Pos assoc: A:[71]boys, A:[71]girls


Pos assoc: A:[66], P:[57], C:[91], I:[91], K:[91],


A:[71]boys, B:[49]boys, B:[49]girls

Social Support

Pos assoc: A:[71]boys, A:[66]family, A:[72]father,

A:[72]mother, A:[72]friend

A:[71]girls, A:[72]sibling, A:[66]friend

Time Available to Eat Breakfast

A:[71]boys, A:[71]girls

LEGEND: A – Calcium; B – Healthy Dietary Behavior/Food Pyramid Score; C – Milk Intake; D – Dietary Quality Score; E – Sodium; F – Fruit; G – Yogurt Intake; H – Skimmed Milk: Fat; I – Low Fat Milk: Fat; J – Medium Fat Milk: Fat; K – Full Fat Milk: Fat; L – Cereal Intake; M – Margarine/Spread Intake; N – Bread and/or Toast Intake; O – Cheese; P – Low Fat Vending Snacks; Q – Yogurt; R – Green Vegetables; S – Inadequate Vegetable Consumption; T – Inadequate Fruit Consumption; U – Inadequate Dairy Consumption; V – Vegetables; W – Dairy; X – Snacks; Y – Butter; Z – Ice Cream; AA – Fat Snacks; BB – Tofu

McClain et al. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 2009 6:54   doi:10.1186/1479-5868-6-54

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